The Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve


The hype of New Year’s Eve can often supersede the night itself. Expectations are often deflated by traffic jams, raucous crowds and overpriced Ubers. But there are certain destinations that are sure to be a hit regardless of any undesirable circumstances.

Why not celebrate at a luxurious five-star resort in the Caribbean or the Maldives and kick off the New Year on a relaxing note, floating in tranquil turquoise waters? For something more classic, you could venture to a major metropolis like Paris, London, Barcelona or New York and embrace the annual festivities, like or seeing the Eiffel Tower illuminated with fireworks. You could travel further afield and experience different cultural traditions in Hong Kong, Thailand, or Rio de Janeiro. Or swap out winter for the summer sun in the South Pacific and lock in a longer adventure to explore the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand.

Even if you’re yet to make arrangements, there are a number of last-minute New Year’s Eve trips that are sure to be memorable. From black-tie celebrations at the world’s most fabulous hotels, to legendary beach parties and music festivals, and rainbows of fireworks lighting up iconic landmarks and city skylines, we’ve charted some of the most spectacular bucket list destinations to welcome in 2019 with renewed optimism.

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