The Big Bang Theory Cast Has Read the Series Finale and Now They’re Crying


Sounds like the last episode of The Big Bang Theory is going to be a tearjerker.

The final table read happened on Wednesday, and the cast documented some of their feelings on Instagram after finishing the final page. Kaley Cuoco in particular appears to have had trouble keeping it together.

“Yea, didn’t sleep,” she captioned a pic of the final page, which reads “End of Series.”

She followed that up with a pic of her in tears, and followed that up with a pic of the script covered in used tissues.

“Prepare yourselves…for a finale that has truly given me a loss for words,” she wrote before leaving us with the start of that catchy theme song. “Our whole universe…”

Sing it with us now: …was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait…

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