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President Trump and Kim Jong-un met face-to-face for nuclear talks, but it’s unclear what concrete steps were taken to denuclearize the North.

President Trump and Kim Jong-un met Tuesday in Singapore, the first such encounter between a sitting American president and the ruler of North Korea.
Mr. Trump shocked Pentagon and South Korean officials by announcing the cancellation of joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, but the leaders offered only a vague assessment of how North Korea would denuclearize. Sanctions, American officials said afterward, will remain in place until the North completes denuclearization.

Mr. Trump’s cordial treatment of Mr. Kim, a ruthless leader who has executed hundreds of people, was a startling contrast with the president’s hostile departure from the Group of 7 summit meeting last weekend, where he lashed out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and other American allies.

The White House hailed the meeting in Singapore as a success — Mr. Trump asserted on Wednesday that North Korea is “no longer a nuclear threat” — despite the lack of a concrete disarmament plan and skepticism from lawmakers and experts.

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