The cheapest days to fly in 2019


Every year at this time, I like to help travelers plan upcoming trips by publishing a list of the cheapest days to fly in the new year.

A brief note on methodology: This 2019 list is the result of analyzing a vast amount of airfare data, almost 300 million unique flight combinations for every origin and destination around the world. These daily prices were then reduced to average “cheapest fares” for the world and various regions.

Again, these are daily averages, so there may be some slight variation (perhaps a day or two) for a particular route’s very cheapest date. A good way to find your best deal is by comparing prices on a multiairline comparison site for your desired travel dates, plus a few dates on either side of this target.

These are – on average – the cheapest days (or day) to fly, overall.

• U.S. flights: Jan. 22-30
• Trans-Atlantic flights: Jan. 30
• Worldwide flights: Jan. 29

Cheap days by season: U.S. flights

You’ll notice I don’t mention travel dates after summer. I only analyzed airfare data through August because most airlines do not actively manage ticket prices much beyond nine months in advance. If planning a domestic flight for September or beyond, shop within a window beginning about 14 to 21 days through 30 to 45 days before departure (and from about two to five months for international travel). Here are the average cheap days by season for U.S. flights:

• Winter: Prices are cheap starting Jan. 3 and continue through much of February with especially good deals in the last two weeks of the month.

• Spring: Weekend fares start to rise in March, as much as 35 percent over weekdays, but weekends will be even higher in April. In late May, watch for higher prices on Thursdays and Fridays as well.

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