The Flash’s Grant Gustin and Candice Patton Can’t Believe They Made It To 100 Episodes


Looks like we made it!

The Flash’s 100th episode officially airs tonight, and it’s a serious blast from the past as Barry (Grant Gustin) and his daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) take a time travel journey back through some of the show’s most major moments, revisiting some big bads and big twists. We’ll have some scoop from the cast after the episode for what it all means for the rest of the season, but for now, Gustin and Candice Patton are taking a look back at 100 episodes and taking it all in.

“Woo! I survived!” Patton said during the 100th episode celebration. “When I stop and think about it, it is a reallys pecial thing. I know not every show, not every actor gets to have this experience and that’s something I’m extremely grateful for, and no matter what happens in my career, I have this moment, and that’s really really cool.”

Gustin says the number really hit him two years ago when they were celebrating Arrow’s 100th episode (which we were also in attendance for).

“That’s more when the concept of it kind of blew my mind a little bit more, because I was so far away from reaching that, and I know how hard it is to make these shows. It’s crazy. It feels like we’ve made a hundred. It’s cool. It’s a cool feeling.”

In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking The Flash might have even done more than 100 at this point, because this show has done a lot over its four and a half seasons. In honor of the show’s trip back in time, let’s take a very brief little journey back ourselves, just in case you’re like us and kinda forgot a few things…

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