The incredible coastal village that’s about to be Asia’s next big thing


THIS is the South East Asian destination everyone will be rushing to soon — so you might want to get in quick.

AT KEP’S crab market, an elderly woman catches my eye and waves a plastic bag of tiny, still-wriggling octopus in my direction.

Wander through the market and you’ll find locals hunched over market stalls, tending to smoking, fish-filled grills with one hand while rotating squid-speared skewers with the other. Much of the food sold here is very much alive and kicking, but if you prefer something a little less so, head to the restaurants next to the market, where a huge pile of crab cakes will set you back just a few dollars.

In recent years, the coastal province of Kep has been thrust into the spotlight, thanks largely to the number of five-star hotels springing up.

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