The insider’s guide to the impeachment hearings


When millions of Americans tune in to the House’s impeachment hearings, it won’t be what they regularly see on C-SPAN.

The hearings alone are a historic moment; only three presidents have been subject to an impeachment inquiry before. And though the probe was launched by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in September, this is the week when it all becomes real.

Americans will be able to watch, in real time, as Democrats try to draw out evidence that Donald Trump abused the power of his office and as Republicans seek to defend the president and discredit the impeachment process.

Here’s how the hearings will work and the key players you need to know.

Who’s getting hauled to the stand

Democrats plan to hold two weeks of hearings in the House Intelligence Committee and will later hold hearings in the Judiciary Committee, which will draft any articles of impeachment.

Three key witnesses will testify before the committee. On Wednesday, William Taylor and George Kent are expected to appear; on Friday, it’s Marie Yovanovitch.

Taylor and Kent provided investigators with vivid details behind closed doors about the effort to pressure Ukraine’s leaders to launch Trump’s desired investigations into his political rivals. Yovanovitch, meanwhile, was forced out as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine amid a smear campaign by Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who accused her of being disloyal to the president while Giuliani was spearheading a shadow foreign policy operation.

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