The jet that promises to take us to Europe in under five hours


BOEING says the amazing feat is possible — and this is the passenger jet that’s going to make it happen.

BOEING has unveiled a new hypersonic 6400kmh jet that could fly from New York to London in just two hours and from Australia to Europe in less than five, it has been reported.

The Sun reports the airline giant also said the new aircraft, which could be released into service in 2030, is almost three times faster than Concorde.According to Aviation Week Network, Boeing has joined with hypersonic specialists at the company’s research and technology unit to study a Mach 5 passenger transport capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in two hours or the Pacific Ocean in three hours.

Flying at Mach 5, the unnamed aircraft has a projected cruise altitude of 30 kilometres — nine kilometres higher than Concorde — and two-and-a-half times its speed.

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