The Lions Celebrates World Oceans Day With a Star-Studded Charity Bash


Pollution may have ravaged the marine ecosystem, but World Oceans Day serves as a reminder that change is still possible. This weekend modeling agency The Lions celebrated that fact with a special event at Spring Place that brought out many of its biggest names. The evening benefited Whale and Dolphin Conservation, an organization dedicated to protecting animals from threats like commercial whaling and the destruction of their natural environment.

The cause is one that is close to The Lions CEO Julia Kisla. “The idea really came out of our core beliefs,” said Kisla. “One of our values is contributing to the community where we live and work. Our community is fashion, and as we all know the environmental costs of manufacturing are high—especially when it comes to our water resources.”

Fashion is among the leading sources of ocean pollution; from microplastics in polyester to chemicals used to make dyes, the industry causes nearly 20% of all wastewater. To bring the issue to the forefront, Kisla and her team planned a night filled with unique entertainment. Sponsored by the Dogpound and Cha Cha Matcha, The Lions turned Spring Place into a pop-up-filled bazaar. “Everyone was so excited and wanted to contribute,” she said. “We engaged our talent because they have the power to spread the word on social media, but we contacted more than 100 companies, and they all wanted to contribute.”

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