‘The Mandalorian’ Show Crew Reveal How Baby Yoda Came to Life


The true roadmap to the future of Star Wars lies within The Mandalorian in how it approaches story, time, and characters. The latter is most important of all and something Jon Favreau knew would make the difference between creating something ordinary and something outstanding. Creating The Child (Baby Yoda) was one of the great synapses in Star Wars creative history.

Bringing The Child/Baby Yoda to life has been one of the greatest things to happen to pop culture since the original Star Wars trilogy was released. How Lucasfilm made The Child look believable is also a major throwback to an old creative form: standard puppetry.

Just like the original Yoda, the concept of controlling a puppet seems to look more real today than CGI can ever muster.

How do the puppeteers control Baby Yoda?

According to Newsweek, two puppeteers are the ones operating Baby Yoda, with one controlling the eyes and mouth, then another for all other facial expressions.

If this sounds like an overly simple and antiquated creative process, it proves the old ways are oftentimes better. Many might have heard the story about Werner Herzog (who plays “The Client”) chastising the production team when they initially considered using CGI for the little one.

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