‘The Masked Singer’ recap: Who was unmasked this week?


Nick Cannon hosts a new competition series called ‘The Masked Singer’ on Fox and is developing his own late-night show for the network.

Six celebrities unmasked, and six left to obsess over.

Wednesday’s episode of Fox hit “The Masked Singer” revealed another celebrity this week as four of the remaining competitors – Peacock, Monster, Bee and Raven – put on their best performances.

As the episode kicks off, Ken Jeong is a little too cocky after correctly guessing Tori Spelling last week, walking in with a crown and the trophy that should go to the champion masked singer. But quickly the singers took the spotlight back, with all four rocking the Black-Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling” to kick things off.

First to sing solo is the Bee, who smashes Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” naturally. Thicke seems pretty sure that Bee is Gladys Knight, and seems to recognize even the way she holds the microphone. All the contestants were asked to bring a revealing item as a clue, and Bee brought bakeware, saying it’s her second favorite thing to do. Jenny McCarthy notes that Patti LaBelle is famous for her pie.

Peacock is second to perform. He offers a soulful remixed rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me” that has the judges saying “Donny Osmond.” Nicole Scherzinger is convinced he’s a magician. Robin Thicke suggests Neil Patrick Harris, because Peacock showed a rainbow flag during his introductory video. When he unveils his item, it’s a wavy brown wig. Peacock says because of the wig he was “thrown in jail.” The wig confuses the judges but the big guesses are Osmond, Michael Bolton and Wayne Brady.

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