The most beautiful vacation spot in every state


There are so many amazing places to visit and sites to see across the country, it can be hard to narrow down the best ones to check out.

But since you can’t go wrong with beautiful places, we’ve rounded up some of the most gorgeous spots in the US.

From an incredible desert oasis hidden in the Grand Canyon to a stunning rainbow geyser in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, keep scrolling to see some of the most stunning spots in every state.

ALABAMA: Little River Canyon

The Little River Canyon provides gorgeous views as well as recreational activities for visitors, including fishing, climbing, swimming, and whitewater rafting.

ALASKA: Lake Clark National Park

You can only get to Lake Clark National Park by plane or boat. Once there, you can see two active volcanoes, go bear viewing, and take in the mesmerizing vistas of surrounding mountains. Visitors can lodge inside the park during their stay.

ARIZONA: Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls are part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation, which gets thousands of visitors every year (though they need a permit, which can be hard to get). People are obsessed with the breathtaking desert oasis, which is nestled at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The only way to get to there is by helicopter or an eight-mile trek from the nearest road. Once there, however, visitors get to swing on ropes, jump off cliffs, scale down waterfalls, and swim in bright blue water.

ARKANSAS: Hot Springs National Park

The Hot Springs in Arkansas have three soothing thermal pools that are 143 degrees. The national park includes scenic drives, trails, and camping.

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