The movies will return someday, and here are the ones we’re really stoked about


Even films about impending apocalypses and world crises cannot get us through the very real world crisis we’re living through, at least not this summer.

Studios are holding movies that would’ve offered viewers an air-conditioned reprieve, all in the hopes that coronavirus cases will slow and theaters can later reopen.
That probably shouldn’t happen, according to most public health experts, but we can still talk about these movies until they’re finally released (or studios cave and release them on streaming services, a la “Trolls World Tour”).

These are the films we’re bummed we can’t go see. They’re all now slated for a theatrical release later this year or in 2021, assuming it’s safe to reopen then.

This could’ve been one of the big summer blockbusters had it been released on time in June, but the “Wonder Woman” sequel had flitted around the release schedule even before the pandemic began. As of now, it’s set to finally hit screens in October.

Starring Gal Gadot of that “Imagine” video fame, this film also features Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal (Gadot’s “Imagine” video costars) and Chris Pine (missed the “Imagine” memo). It also takes place in the ’80s. Here’s hoping we can enjoy a tubular time at the movies this fall.

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