The rise of coffee culture


Across the nation, the “Third Wave” coffee movement keeps evolving into a quiet lifestyle revolution, offering people culinary art in a cup while fostering unique gathering spaces with a color and energy all their own.

Though Downtown, Midtown and East Sacramento get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to the emerging indie coffee scene, South Placer County and Folsom are also developing a number of gourmet espresso hubs where drink mastery and inventive atmospheres reign supreme.

Bloom Coffee and Tea

The Carpenters famously sang “Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down,” — but on this Monday morning in Roseville, even blue summer skies can’t stop the early week doldrums for commuters pulling off Eureka Road. They wander into Bloom Coffee and Tea, stepping through blinding rays of daylight that flood the windows, energized only by a want of a handcrafted, artisan espresso drinks and the café’s smooth, urban-chic vibe.

Now in its fifth year of business, Bloom is owned by Mark and Dave Scott. The café’s earthy hardwood planks are mirrored by a neoteric gray and blue décor, creating a fresh space for rotating original art. Bloom is quickly becoming a premier showcase for young, up-and-coming painters: In August, its walls were adorned with a series of lunar-lit portraits of dark-eyed women by local artist J.M.

“This is a place where you can go and feel comfortable around other people,” observes Bloom’s manager, Luke Noland. “I think we capture a hip city environment. It’s a café in Roseville, but it feels more like it’s in a place like San Francisco.”

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