The U.S. and Mexico have waged war on drug cartels for decades. They’ve fallen short.


More than 300,000 homicides have occurred in Mexico since it began waging anti-drug campaigns in 2006.An ambush that killed several American citizens living in Mexico has President Donald Trump calling for a war on drug cartels.

But the U.S. and Mexico have long tried to tackle the bloody, violent drug scourge south of the border and the cartels behind it — and they have fallen short.

Nine U.S. citizens, including six children, were killed in the attack Monday on a caravan of families on a highway connecting the Mexican border states of Sonora and Chihuahua.

After the incident, Trump tweeted Tuesday morning: “This is a time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth.” He wrote, “We merely await a call from your great new president!”

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