‘The Walking Dead’: Rick’s Penultimate Episode Is Full of Mutiny and Mystery


After the gob smacking announcement that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln Opens a New Window. ) is down to his final two episodes on The Walking Dead Opens a New Window. , fans everywhere were left wondering: how does he go out? Eaten by zombies? Murdered by dissidents? Traded away to the mysterious folks in that eternally-hovering helicopter?

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This week, on an episode titled “The Obliged,” we got approximately zero answers about all that — unless you count a cliffhanger that eliminates one possibility from the mix for sure. (True story: if you leave your hero facing imminent death in the final moments of one episode, the next episode has to feature him making a wildly improbable escape. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.) Here’s everything that happened as The Walking Dead prepares to say goodbye to its longtime hero.

Michonne’s on Deck
Community organizer by day, zombie slayer by night! Michonne (Danai Gurira Opens a New Window. ) spent this episode reminding us that if Rick happened to not be around anymore, she’s got it under control. She even ran interference with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan Opens a New Window. ), who was refusing to eat unless someone came down to sit and talk with him. The conversation turned tense when Negan started asking about Michonne’s son and spouted one of those Bond-villain-esque lines he’s gotten so fond of during his incarceration: “We’re the same, and you can’t stand that we’re the same.”

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