There’s a dog museum in New York, and we are ‘woofing’ with happiness!


Dogs are undoubtedly human’s best friends. These cute creatures love their humans unconditionally and that too without any expectation. What else you could have wished for? And the idea of having a museum solely dedicated to dogs is simply incredible. The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog or (AKC Museum of the Dog) in New York is one of its kind museums in the world.

About AKC Museum of the Dog

The AKC Museum of the Dog was first opened in the year 1982 to collect and display all art and literature available in the world about the dogs. After spending decades on the outskirts of the city, the museum has reopened in Park Avenue, Manhattan. On display here are some amazing and gorgeous stuff that are hard to believe!

What’s on display?

Here you can see terracotta dog paw print belonging to the Roman Empire. Then there is a dog-pulled cart from the Victorian era and a range canine fine art. This is the perfect place where bond between two living beings (doggos and hoomans) is displayed in best possible manner.

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