There’s something about Brad Pitt … again


In 1991, Brad Pitt really had his eyes on playing jazz trumpet player Chet Baker in a movie about the musician’s life.

In a New York Times profile, Pitt, then filming “A River Runs Through It” in Montana, explained to the reporter that he wanted to take on the role because people like Baker “fascinated” him.
“People who have so much, yet somehow just can’t get it together are very mysterious and compelling to me,” he said.

Though it’s unknown to anyone but Pitt how together his recent years have felt, one thing has been made clear as he’s made his rounds this award season: getting it together can be just as compelling.

Somehow, after nearly three decades in the white hot spotlight, the actor, producer, philanthropist and two-time “Sexiest Man Alive” honoree has managed to reintroduce himself to the public. (A rep for Pitt declined to comment for this story.)

Once (and, arguably still) a tabloid-targeted superstar plagued by rumors stemming from two high-profile divorces — one with Jennifer Aniston, another with Angelina Jolie, with whom he shares six children — Pitt, now 56, is a day away from potentially winning the second Oscar of his career.

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