These are the best and worst people to travel with


“We found him having a cigar and beer at a bar with two blokes who couldn’t speak English. Dan said ‘I just want to be with the people’ and I said ‘Well, the rest of us want to have a G & T back at the hotel, but we’ve been searching for you for hours’. It was like that every day. I bloody hated travelling with him.”

It was Christmas Day and the fam were sitting around, boozed up and full of ham, discussing holidays. My uncle had just returned from Spain with his best friend of 45 years where their first overseas trip together nearly broke the friendship — Paul wanted to follow the plan and their group, but Danny Boy wanted to roam free.

The conversation quickly turned to everyone’s worst travel-mate trait: the tightass, the rule follower, the itinerary obsessed, the loose goose … but the only thing anyone could agree on is that the right travel partner can make or break holidays, friendships, relationships and even families.

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