‘These people are professionals’: Mobile porting a potential gold mine for fraudsters


ON MONDAY night Lisa got a surprising text from her mobile provider. Then came the Netbank notifications. And then her phone completely lost service.

ON MONDAY morning at 11.02am Sydney woman Lisa Johnston answered the phone with the same greeting she always does.

“Hello, Lisa speaking,” she said. But the caller immediately hung up. It was a bit strange, but she got on with her busy day.At 6.59pm that night she got a text message from Optus, telling her that her mobile number had been ported across to a different carrier, or more accurately stolen by someone wanting to ransack her bank account.

The message urged her to call the company if she didn’t request for the number to be ported out.“I couldn’t even contact them through my mobile because I’d lost service,” she told news.com.au. “I called literally two minutes (later), as soon as it happened.”But the damage was done and she quickly received notifications from her Netbank app confirming transactions she didn’t make.

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