This Holocaust survivor receives 200 threats a day. Now she needs police protection


(CNN)An 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor is now under police protection after receiving online and offline anti-Semitic threats in Italy, according to local reports.

Liliana Segre, who was only 13 when she was deported to Auschwitz, is a senator-for-life who recently spearheaded the creation of a parliamentary committee against hate, racism and anti-Semitism, also known locally as the Segre commission.She has recently become the target of about 200 “particularly aggressive” social media attacks each day, the Milan-based Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center told CNN.

“Every time prominent Jews are at the center of media attention in Italy, they get subjected to online anti-Semitic abuse,” Stefano Gatti, from the center, told CNN.”The anti-Semitic insults come from far-right circles that have a past, and sometimes present, of violence. It’s part of their radical rightwing code, this pugnacious attitude.”

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