This Marvel Fan Theory Could Be the Best Fix for a Massive ‘Avengers’ Plothole


Though many of the Avengers we know and love won’t be on our big screens any time soon, thanks to Disney+ we can relive our favorite Marvel movie moments again and again. And because of that, old plot holes are now being filled by actually plausible theories.

Reddit has come to the rescue of a long-standing grievance many fans have with The Avengers, the 2012 movie that now seems like it was from a lifetime ago. In it, Nick Fury is advising the World Security Council on how to deal with the Chitauri invasion of New York.

The World Security Council’s plan? Drop a nuke on Manhattan! That’ll solve the problem.

Except, would it? As pointed out in the theory, opting to bomb an entire city is a drastic step for a problem that, so far, they have little details of and no other less dire plan. So why would they suggest it? Because the World Security Council was already being run by HYDRA, and they definitely want the Avengers dead at any cost.

If a bomb was dropped on the city, it would definitely kill Tony Stark, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Hulk, Thor and maybe Captain America would survive, but without financial backing and technological ingenuity from Tony, they’d be at a standstill.

It would also eliminate threats that Project Insight would later identify, like Doctor Strange. We know the timeline seems off, but by the time the Avengers are assembling in New York, HYDRA is already A Thing™ infiltrating SHIELD.

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