Trump 2020 team spending almost half of Facebook ad budget to target seniors


Fund-raising figures for the 2020 presidential candidates showed Bernie Sanders out in front in terms of small donors, with 84% of his donations being under $200. Senator Elizabeth Warren had the second-largest proportion of small donors with 70%.
Fox News inadvertently gave the Sanders campaign a boost by inviting the candidate to a televised town hall, where Sanders drew cheers with calls for universal health care and fighting climate change.
Donald Trump’s reelection campaign led the overall fundraising race with $30m raised, compared with $18m for Sanders and $12m for senator Kamala Harris.
The Trump campaign is targeting elderly voters on social media with 44% of its Facebook ad budget devoted to voters aged 65 and older, Axios reported.
Trump offered the French president his condolences on the Notre Dame fire and said the United States stands with France.
Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg demonstrated conversational French speaking skills, and he also probably speaks Zombie.

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