Trump denies hiding detail of Putin summit talks from staff


US President Donald Trump has denied hiding details of conversations with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, saying he is “not keeping anything under wraps”. The Washington Post alleges that on at least one occasion in 2017 he took away his interpreter’s notes after talks. And there is reportedly no record of his one-on-one, two-hour discussion with Mr Putin in Helsinki last year. Mr Trump’s relations with Russia before his election in 2016 are the subject of an ongoing federal investigation.

Investigators led by former FBI chief Robert Mueller are trying to establish whether there was any collusion between Mr Trump’s campaign team and the Russian state to help get him elected. Earlier this week the New York Times reported that the FBI had opened a counterintelligence inquiry into whether Mr Trump was secretly working for Russia after he sacked FBI director James Comey in 2017.

This alleged inquiry was eventually merged into the Mueller investigation. In 2016, US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia had launched cyber-attacks and planted fake news stories on social media in a bid to boost Mr Trump and damage his rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

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