Trump pushed White House staff to sign non-disclosure agreements: report


President Trump asked senior White House staff members to sign confidentiality agreements, much like he did as a private citizen, according to a reported column in The Washington Post.

Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote she obtained a draft of the non-disclosure agreement, calling it a “doozy.” If found violating the NDA, staffers would be penalized $10 million, to be paid to the government. She wrote that the $10 million figured likely was watered down in any final version because the people she spoke to about the agreement didn’t remember that “jaw-dropping sum.”

The NDAs, a person who signed the document told the Post, “were meant to be very similar to the ones that some of us signed during the campaign and during the transition. I remember the president saying, ‘Has everybody signed a confidentiality agreement like they did during the campaign or we had at Trump Tower?’”

According to the Post, staffers balked at first but, pressed by then-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the White House Counsel’s Office, they ultimately signed because they figured the agreement wouldn’t be enforceable, particularly since the NDA was to also cover time past the Trump administration, the Post reported.

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