Trump says Obama knows ‘something that you don’t know’ about Biden


President Trump raised questions about the Democratic Primary on Wednesday evening at a White House briefing, suggesting President Obama “knows something that you don’t know.”

“It does amaze me that President Obama has not supported Sleepy Joe. It just hasn’t happened. When is it going to happen?” Trump said. “He knows something that you don’t know. That I think I know. But you don’t know.”

Trump went on to say there’s “a weird deal going on” in the party, pointing out that Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’s keeping his delegates, a move the Vermont Independent made clear is meant to further his progressive platform during the nomination process.

“He didn’t really drop out. What about his delegates?” Trump said. “I mean, he said he’s going to keep his delegates. That’s a weird deal going on.”

Trump has tried to deepen division within the Democratic Party throughout the race. Soon after Sanders conceded, Trump tweeted “thank you” to the Vermont Independent’s fellow left-wing senator and former opponent Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), whom the president credited for Sanders’s plummet.

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