Trump smears vaccine whistleblower as US unemployment soars


Donald Trump has lashed out at Dr Rick Bright, who blew the whistle on the president’s efforts to promote an unproven anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, ahead of his appearance before Congress on Thursday as the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits because of the shutdown climbed to 36m.

Those developments followed the president calling on the states to reopen their schools as soon as possible as part of lockdown-ending measures, contradicting the advice of top expert Dr Anthony Fauci on the highly dubious basis that coronavirus has “very little impact on young people”.

His remarks following more than 1.4m cases of Covid-19 and a death toll of more than 84,500 and as New York and 14 other states began investigating the possible outbreak of a coronavirus-related illness impacting children, some fatally

‘Time is running out because the virus is spreading everywhere’

Dr Rick Bright’s testimony outlines shortcomings in Trump administration’s response as president’s allies try to undermine his reports and Trump himself says he’s never heard of the man charged with vaccine development amid the public health crisis.

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