Trump Turns Away From Arms Treaty


THE TRUMP administration will begin the process on Friday of withdrawing from a 34-nation agreement meant to prevent arms races, marking the latest international arms control treaty from which the U.S. has moved to pull back.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a statement Thursday afternoon said the U.S. will submit a notice of withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, beginning a six-month period until the process is complete. He attributed the departure to a lack of cooperation from Russia, a signatory to the agreement, and added that the U.S. would reconsider its withdrawal “should Russia return to full compliance with the treaty.”

“We remain committed to effective arms control that advances U.S., ally, and partner security, that is verifiable and enforceable, and that includes partners that comply responsibly with their obligations,” Pompeo said. “But we cannot remain in arms control agreements that are violated by the other side, and that are actively being used not to support but rather to undermine international peace and security.”

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