Trump Visits Senate Republicans to Bolster GOP Unity


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP visited Capitol Hill on Tuesday to meet with Senate Republicans as he seeks to forge ahead with full GOP unity on issues ranging from the coronavirus pandemic, future relief bills, the 2020 election and investigations into Obama-era officials.

At a press conference, Trump said he had a productive meeting with the GOP caucus at their weekly policy lunch, which has started up again since the Senate came back into session but with new accommodations and social distancing restrictions. He said they made “tremendous progress” on a number of issues and fielded a few unrelated questions.

Trump dismissed criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California about his weight, lamented what he called abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act against his campaign and again addressed his recent use of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment, though its effectiveness is unproven.

“I think it gives you an additional level of safety but you can ask. Many doctors are in favor of it,” Trump said Tuesday. “This is an individual decision to make, but it’s had a great reputation.”

Trump and Senate Republicans are moving forward in unison, particularly when it comes to considering new legislation on coronavirus stimulus. Trump and Republicans have remained open to passing additional relief but are taking a pause while they assess the effectiveness of previous bills and the state of the economy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said “we’ll discuss the way forward in the next couple of weeks.”

Other GOP leadership members railed against Democrats’ $3 trillion rescue package, which passed the House last week on a party-line vote. Senate Republicans refuse to take up the bill, which they say was packed with party priorities, though Pelosi said she remains open to negotiating with the GOP.

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