Trump will slap tariffs on Canada’s aluminum again


President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will reimpose tariffs on aluminum imports from Canada, a move reignites trade tensions just a month after his signature North American trade deal took effect.

The U.S. will slap a 10 percent duty on aluminum from Canada after it failed to reach an agreement on quotas on Canada’s exports of the metal, three people familiar with the plan told POLITICO. Trump did not offer details on when the tariffs will start being collected.

“Earlier today, I signed a proclamation that defends American industry by reimposing aluminum tariffs on Canada,” Trump said during a visit to a Whirlpool manufacturing plant in Ohio.

“Canada was taking advantage of us — as usual,” he added.

The proclamation has not yet been made public, so it is unclear if the reintroduced tariffs apply to all aluminum imports from Canada or only certain kinds of products.

Trump’s move comes just after the president’s largest trade achievement — the replacement deal for NAFTA — entered into force on July 1. It was a much-celebrated date for officials in all three countries after more than two years of tense negotiations between the governments and in the U.S. Congress.

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