Unprecedented Supreme Court term closes with mixed rulings for Trump


After a frenetic few weeks, the Supreme Court gaveled out Thursday, bringing to a close an unprecedented term that defied expectations and shifted perceptions of the court in the heat of an election year.

The justices delivered some surprising wins to liberals — and infuriated conservatives who wanted and expected much more than they got. President Donald Trump bemoaned his fate at times, but got a mixed bag in two cases concerning his bid to shield his financial documents. The court blocked House subpoenas in one case, but rejected Trump’s broad claims of immunity in another.

Perhaps what will matter to Trump the most, however, is that it’s unlikely any subpoenas will go out prior to the November election because the cases were returned to lower courts for more proceedings.

In the end, the court kept its head down and decided major issues concerning abortion, LGBTQ rights, the Obama-era Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program, religious liberty and executive power. Conservatives made strides forward, particularly in the area of religious liberty and the administrative state. But liberals got a clean win in a landmark case concerning LGBTQ rights and at least temporary wins on DACA and abortion.

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