Upstate New York limo crash is among the deadliest road accidents in U.S. history


Saturday’s crash of a stretch limousine in Schoharie, New York, killed all 18 people in the limo and two pedestrians, making it the deadliest road accident in the United States in more than 13 years.

Here are 10 other highway accidents that claimed 20 or more lives.

• Sept. 17, 1963. In the deadliest motor vehicle accident in U.S. history, a makeshift bus carrying 58 migrant workers was struck by a freight train outside Chualar, California, killing 32 workers.

• May 21, 1976. Twenty-eight students and a teacher died when a bus carrying the Yuba City High School choir plunged off a freeway ramp near Martinez, California.

• Aug. 4, 1952. Two Greyhound buses collided south of Waco, Texas, killing 28 people, including several soldiers and airmen.

• Feb. 28, 1958. A bus carrying 48 elementary and high school students in Prestonburg, Kentucky, went off the road, down an embankment and into a river, where it submerged after being swept downstream. Twenty-seven died.

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