US Army could have self-driving vehicles on battlefield long before they have them on road


TO REDUCE the high risk soldiers face when driving into a combat zone, the US Army has announced huge plans for its fleet of vehicles.AS COMPANIES like Uber, Tesla and Waymo rush to be the first to make driverless cars a mainstay, it may be the Pentagon that wins the race for the self-driving vehicle.

According to Michael Griffin, the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, the United States Army will have self-driving vehicles operating on the battlefield long before they’re on U.S. streets and highways.

“We’re going to have self-driving vehicles in theater for the Army before we’ll have self-driving cars on the streets,” Griffin told lawmakers last month during a hearing on Capitol Hill. “But the core technologies will be the same.”

The big reason for the Pentagon’s interest in self-driving vehicles is the high risk soldiers face when driving into a combat zone. Griffin noted in his testimony that 52 percent of all battlefield casualties are caused when soldiers are delivering fuel, food or other supplies.

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