Vettel: I’m my own worst enemy


Vettel currently stands 30 points behind his Mercedes rival heading into the Singapore Grand Prix, a deficit compounded by the German’s many errors this season.

“The biggest enemy is me. If we have something to play with, we have all the chances to do it in our way,” said Vettel.

Asked about whether he could afford to lose any more points following costly errors in Azerbaijan, France, Germany and Italy, he answered: “It is pretty straightforward.”

“He [Hamilton] is ahead at the moment so he is the one to beat. But we have all the chances and how much they could be better by now is a different question.

“We still have a very, very good chance and we will be our first enemy, not him as a person and them as a team, we need to look after ourselves and if we do that we have a good chance to win races and things look good.”

Vettel admitted that crashing out while in the lead during his home race at Hockenheim was his “worst” error, in a race that Hamilton went on to win.

“Most important is I know what happened and can explain it,” he said. “Then everyone is free to have their views.

“I am not too bothered. I am generally looking forward and not focusing on what we could all have done differently to avoid what happened.”

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