We can’t wait for schools to reopen safely!


Wonderful news this week for those children who have long envied essential workers and sacrificial-economy grandparents their plaudits and wished that they, too, could be on the front lines of this coronavirus thing: Now they will have the opportunity!

Everyone knows how important it is that we have a plan to reopen schools safely. That is why the Trump administration has devised a plan: to reopen schools. They sure hope your governor has plans for the safety part! In the meantime, your kids and their teachers get to be heroes and pioneers, instead of just reading about them in musty textbooks!

Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention technically does have some suggestions and guidelines for how to reopen safely. To do so would not be impossible, the agency recognized, but it would require a lot of effort, expense and preparation. This was until the president had the brilliant idea: What if we simply decided it didn’t?

“We don’t want the guidance from CDC to be a reason schools don’t open,” as Vice President Pence said at Wednesday’s press conference.

The CDC’s director, Robert Redfield, said, “I want to make it very clear that what is not the intent of CDC’s guidelines is to be used as a rationale to keep schools closed.”

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