Westworld Season 2 Premiere Finds Chaos After the Massacre


“The reckoning is here.”

After what feels like forever, Westworld has returned to further help us question everything we know and annoy each other with endless theories about what the heck is going on. And while there are some new mysteries afoot, we’re kinda not feeling that same sense of wonder we were feeling back at the beginning of season one.

Without the question of who’s a host and who’s not and what’s the deal with the Man in Black, and with the knowledge that the hosts are taking over, it’s a little harder to care…so far. We’ll have to see how things go after tonight.

The premiere picked up just after last season left off, with the board massacre. Of course we first had to get through some dream nonsense from Bernard and Dolores, but then we saw the clean up efforts. Namely, all the hosts were getting executed. Cool.

Bernard and Charlotte Hale escaped, and while the rest of their group fell into a trap and all got killed, they made it to a secret outpost that Charlotte knew about. That’s where Bernard found out that the park has been creepily collecting DNA from all the guests, which weirdly didn’t creep us out as much as it should. Everything on this show is so messed up that DNA collection just seems par for the course.

Bernard also realized he’s not doing well and won’t be able to stay running for long, but then we see him some time in the future when he meets up with the Delos military, who are investigating the massacre with help from their guns. Bernard says he doesn’t remember what happened at the massacre, but when they arrive at a large lake in which a ton of dead hosts—including Teddy—are floating, he claims he killed them all.

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