What Biden’s new foreign policy team tells us


The three people who will be advising Mr Biden on issues beyond America’s borders are not well known beyond Washington. Antony Blinken, Linda Thomas-Greenfield and Jake Sullivan are all alumni of the Barack Obama White House, and are considered Biden loyalists and foreign policy centrists. Mr Blinken, 58 – whose work with Mr Biden goes back nearly 20 years – has been picked to serve as secretary of state, the nation’s top diplomat.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, one of the most high-profile black female US diplomats who worked for years on African affairs, has been nominated to serve as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Jake Sullivan is a former state department official and Hillary Clinton aide who played a key role in negotiating the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal. He served as Mr Biden’s national security adviser when he was vice-president. Mr Blinken has worked with Mr Biden for nearly 20 years, dating back to Mr Biden’s tenure on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Some critics have blamed him for Mr Biden’s vote to invade Iraq in 2003.