What this cruising couple did wrong that caused them to be stranded and out of pocket


When their cruise ship left without them, a stranded couple was devastated — and angry. But it was all their fault.

After a day exploring Cuba’s vibrant capital Havana, Kevin Rohrer and his girlfriend returned to the dock to reboard their cruise ship and continue their four-night journey.

They knew the ship, the Norwegian Sky, would leave Havana at 5pm and made sure to arrive at the dock by 3.30pm.

But when they got to the dock they were met with a stomach-sinking sight: the ship was gone. It had weighed anchor and left without them.

“It was a frightening situation. We were devastated,” Mr Rohrer said in his complaint to the cruise company, Norwegian Cruise Line.

“We exchanged money and we took a taxi to the airport. American Airlines told us they wouldn’t take a credit card and quoted us 472 pesos (A$646). We didn’t have that much money.”

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