What to do in Dubai: Great outdoor adventures


Dubai is known around the planet for its opulent hotels, world-class architecture and luxury shopping. But did you know it’s also emerging as a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers?
You can go to host of cutting-edge amusement parks here, including an indoor amusement park that set a world record.
There’s even a hotel where you can enter a tropical rain forest while staying firmly inside your desert dwelling.
But if you’re craving big thrills and the real outdoors, check out what to do when you travel to Dubai:


If you feel the need to launch yourself out of a plane over the Palm Jumeirah and hurtle toward the ground from 12,000 feet (3,660 meters), Skydive Dubai would love to have you. It’s one of the busiest jump zones in the world, with bird’s-eye views of Dubai’s skyscrapers, the Gulf coastline and desert in the distance.
You can even train for a paragliding license here on one of the Skydive Dubai courses. When you’ve completed it you’ll be qualified to jump solo anywhere in the world.
If you’d rather watch, the annual Dubai International Parachuting Championships is held during winter.

.Ride a Jeep in the desert

Twice daily, convoys of Jeeps hurtle around an area called Big Red in the desert close to Dubai. Dozens of companies take cars of up to six people over the distinctive orange-tinted dunes.
Tell your driver the kind of adventure you’re looking to have, whether it be dune bashing or a relaxing drive, and he’ll oblige. Afterward, guests are taken to a mock Bedouin camp for a feed, Arabic dancing, henna drawing and camel riding.

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