What to Watch This Weekend


Another weekend is here so you know what that means: another two days to spend catching up on TV shows, old and new. And we’re here to help you fully make the most of your time, providing our top binge picks for May 23-24.

This weekend, Netflix is offering up a new heartwarming drama that will give you flashbacks to the days of small town stories on The WB, and Homecoming is back for its mindf–k of a second season, with another star stepping in for Julia Roberts.

Plus, one of 2019’s most underrated reality series is back with new episodes, a gripping crime drama is wrapping up and a highly anticipated new rom-com is here to provide the perfect entertainment for a date night at home.

If You Need a Dose of Southern Charm: Y’all, Sweet Magnolias goes down real smooth…and features the acting comeback of Jamie Lynn Spears! It’s hard to believe this feel-good seemingly-fluffier-than-a-marshmallow show isn’t airing on Hallmark Channel, given the name, but there’s a bit of edge to this one the Christmas-loving network would blush over; JoAnna Garcia’s Maddie is dealing with her husband (Chris Klein) leaving her for his pregnant mistress (Spears) in Serenity, South Carolina. Lots of wine nights with supportive girlfriends, a new business venture a flirtation with her son’s coach and more small town antics ensue. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

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