What Will Travel Be Like After The Coronavirus?


Bill Patton wants to know what travel will be like after coronavirus. He and his family of 10 are headed to Antibes, France, in late May to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They’ve tried to cancel because of the coronavirus, but so far neither their airline or their vacation rental company will offer a refund.

“Our doctor advises we do not travel under the coronavirus conditions,” says Patton, who is 76 and has a history of diabetes, allergies and asthma.

So what will France be like in May? What will travel be like after the coronavirus peaks? Will anyone be traveling at all?

A new survey suggests travel is alive and well. More than half of Americans (58%) are planning to travel between May and September 2020, as long as their destinations aren’t in quarantine. But they’re being careful. A quarter of participants will try to avoid big cities and public transportation, and 21% will choose domestic travel, according to the survey conducted by LuggageHero.

“Demand will come back stronger than ever once the situation is over,” says Jannik Lawaetz, LuggageHero’s CEO.

Here’s how people will travel after the coronavirus:

They’ll stay in the country. International travel will fall out of favor as people stay closer to the safety of home.

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