Why Adventurous Travelers Over 50 Should Go to Patagonia


As the kids move out of the house and work obligations lessen later in life, many adventurous souls find themselves yearning to trade in family trips to the pool to instead hit the road, striking out to destinations previously unimagined. Free to roam the globe, this wave of baby boomer explorers is pushing into new frontiers well beyond the typical bus tours to Europe, creating a whole new category of over-50 adventure and luxury travel. At Knowmad Adventures we’ve recognized that, and for a variety of reasons, understand that Patagonia is a top travel destination for baby boomers.

Flexible Adventures

Torres del Paine, arguably the crown jewel of Patagonia, is now home to a handful of the world’s best adventure lodges. Whether it’s Awasi’s fully private guides, Explora’s mind-blowing views from the room, or Tierra Patagonia’s inspired architecture and service that grabs you, the range of innovative excursions offered at the best lodges in Torres del Paine National Park allows you total flexibility. If you’re interested in relaxed wildlife safaris, tracking pumas and herds of wild guanacos, or hiking to the famed based of the towers, you can experience the park in the way that’s best for you.

These luxurious Patagonia lodges feature exhaustive menus of excursions with different focuses and activities as well as level of rigor, so from day to day you can choose your own adventure in the park, customizing your Patagonia exploration as you go along. It also doesn’t hurt to return to impeccably executed meals each night, paired with delicious local wines and a cozy bed with views of moonlit peaks and the Southern Cross. There is no reason the stunning Patagonia landscapes and wildlife can’t be enjoyed by people of any age or fitness level.

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