Why we’re not quitting Facebook


Here at Talking Tech, we’ve spent 2018 keeping you up to date on the latest trends and news from the world of tech.

The year that’s just about to close was notable for new iPhone models that appear to have stalled with the public for the first time, the continued adoption of smart speakers as the fastest growing category in tech, no really hot new app for the first time in many years and cameras on phones that are now as good as the DSLRs I paid $1,000 and more for 10 years ago.

But let’s face it, all pales compared to Facebook.

The Social Network seems to put its foot in it week after week, with new reports of how it shared our personal information with other app makers and media partners and engaged in political style semantic games with the public by denying things — and then admitting — they were uncomfortable to have revealed. Like hiring a Republican associated political operative firm to dig up dirt on liberal financier George Soros, at first not recalled, then fessed up to.

The backlash began in March, when Facebook did admit that a rogue app developer had grabbed personal information of 87 million members after users signed up for a personality prediction app called “thisisyourdigitallife.”

There have been reports for two years about how Russians manipulated the social network to help get Donald Trump elected. This week, a bombshell report given to Congress that showed how Russian interference was even more widespread than at first believed.

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