Woman lived with cockroach in her ear for 9 days after it crawled in while she was sleeping


KATIE woke up and felt something strange in her ear. What the doctor found at the hospital was “unlike anything I can adequately explain,” she said.

A Florida woman lived through a real-life nightmare last month and is now sharing how she came to learn that a cockroach crawled into her ear while she was sleeping and settled in.Katie Holley, who recently purchased a new home with her husband, said they had been diligent about hiring an exterminator to spray every three months in order to keep the cockroaches at bay.

However, one night she woke up after feeling “like someone had placed a chip of ice in my left earhole — but it was something way worse.”In an essay published in SELF Magazine, Holley said she went to the bathroom and used a cotton swab to investigate, but to her horror felt something move.

“When I pulled the cotton swab out, there were two dark brown, skinny pieces stuck to the tip. Moments later, I came to the realisation that they were legs. LEGS. Legs that could only belong to an adventurous palmetto bug exploring my ear canal,” she wrote.

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