Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth pendulum ride


After all, there was that 76-year gap between the character’s 1941 introduction in the pages of DC Comics and her first starring film, the cultural phenomenon that was Patty Jenkins’ 2017 “Wonder Woman” film starring Gal Gadot.

Now, a few weeks later than originally expected, devotees can experience the new Six Flags Great Adventure Ride inspired by the character, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.

The latest attraction at the Jackson, New Jersey, thrill park, Lasso of Truth officially launched on Thursday — and it’s reportedly the tallest pendulum ride in the world.

Lasso of Truth is a 17-story swinging pendulum ride that seats 40 riders spinning in counterclockwise circles in floorless seats on a massive disk, reaching speeds of close to 75 mph.

The ride, announced by the park last August, is located in Great Adventure’s Metropolis area near fellow DC Comics-branded rides such as Batman: The Ride, The Dark Knight, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the 2018 addition Cyborg Cyber Spin.

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