Youth may be tourism’s savior


A survey conducted by TourRadar – the world’s largest online marketplace for multi-day tours – found that younger travelers are key to tourism’s immediate recovery. Approximately 42% of survey respondents under the age of 35 years old are still hoping to travel in 2020 compared to 28% of respondents over 55 years old. The survey also found that compared to travelers over the age of 55, travelers ages 18 – 34 are less likely to wait for a COVID-19 vaccine or acquired immunity.

“The tourism industry is experiencing a rapid shift in its marketing focus for the immediate future,” says Christian Wolters, Chief Marketing Officer at TourRadar. “Travelers over the age of 55 have been a driving force for tourism over the past decade, but when it comes to travel’s recovery, 18 to 34-year-olds will lead the way in the short term.”

Aizaz Sheikh, Global Marketing Director at G Adventures, says the company’s own research aligns with that of TourRadar, with millennials (25-39) more likely to travel first, with 20% saying they want to travel as soon as late-2020.

“In recognizing the different travel preferences of younger travelers we have created a dedicated Instagram feed for our ’18-to-Thirtysomethings’ travel style. The tone and images are different, as are the stories we tell. This is a generation that really wants to make a difference in the world, so they will not only be key to the return of travel, but also how we can travel in a more responsible way post-pandemic,” says Sheikh.

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