15 Things To Do In Spiti Valley That Would Absolutely Satisfy Your Wanderlusting Soul


Renowned as ‘Little Tibet’ amongst some, and popular as the ‘cold desert mountain valley’ amongst others, Spiti is undoubtedly a paradise on earth. Be it its many attractions or be it the things to do in Spiti Valley, this beautiful gem in Himachal has surprises for every type of holiday that’s ever been on your mind.

But, when you’re venturing out on your first, make sure you have these 15 experiences on your list so that your holiday in the valley becomes an incredible affair like none other.

15 Experiences In Spiti Valley That You Ought To Have

1. Indulge in river rafting

Absolutely perfect for adventure seekers, river rafting is one of the top things to do in Spiti Valley. With snowy mountains, hilltop monasteries, and picturesque views around, the Spiti and Pin rivers offer an experience of a lifetime. You can feel the thrill while basking in the serenity amidst the mountains throughout the duration of the sport.

Best place for river rafting: Spiti and Pin rivers
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Distance Covered: It covers a distance of 180 kms starting from Tuting to Pasighat

Tip: To experience the rafting adventure at its best, plan your trip between July to August.

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