3 Hollywood Travel Titans Reveal The Hottest Summer Escapes


Top destinations luring industry insiders this summer, from The Maldives and Rwanda to Lake Como and Lamego.

When Hollywood moguls, Fortune 500 CEOs and royals seek ultra personalized, discreet and high-touch travel experiences, they turn to the experts: Jack Ezon of Embark, Bobby Zur of Travel Artistry and Melissa Biggs Bradley of Indagare. With highly confidential black books of international power players, and unparalleled access to the world’s most exclusive hotels, hideaways and pursuits, this power trio delivers otherworldly journeys to the most discerning of jetsetters.

“Entertainment industry executives and celebrities are craving self-discovery and connection in their summer excursions,” says Bobby Zur, founder and owner of Travel Artistry. “The focus is on family and stepping away from the fast pace. The more personalized the better, the more experiential the better, and always offsetting that active exploration with the ultimate in pampering and relaxation.”

Jack Ezon, founder and managing partner of Embark, agrees. “There’s an immense desire for inner purpose, getting away from comfort zones and into experimenting, identifying with different perspectives and appreciating cultural differences.”

Here, the luxury travel pros unveil their picks for industry-approved summer destinations,

Limerick and Galway, Ireland / Braemar, Scotland

“With some of the friendliest and most endearing locals in the world, Ireland and Scotland are more desirable than ever,” says Ezon. Everyone from Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Mark Wahlberg to Pierce Brosnan and Taylor Swift have been seduced by the Emerald Isle. Lavish properties such as the medieval Ashford Castle in Ireland are “straight out of a period film set with all of the heavy traditional luxury you might imagine,” says Zur.

And Adare Manor in Limerick is for the golfing-spa-luxury seeker “who appreciates style and modern wow factor in a resort estate that still oozes a strong sense of place,” he adds. The town is also quite charming with innovative attractions such as the new McCallan Distillery Experience and the luxe Belmond Grand Hibernian train, which is the first of its kind on the island. “Clients also love that these destinations are both off the grid,” adds Ezon.

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