7 Emotional Reveals From Chrissy Metz’s New Book This Is Me


Chrissy Metz loves making you cry. In her new book, This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today, she recalls her difficult childhood in Gainesville, Florida, the dissolution of her marriage, and her struggle for self-acceptance, among other things. But it’s not all sad. She also recalls her triumphs, her hard-earned life lessons, and the audition that lead to her becoming a star of This Is Us. Here, some of the most emotional moments of the book.

1. She cried over lunch with Oprah.

Oprah invited Chrissy over for lunch at her home in Montecito. “[She] led me into a room full of topiaries and even more French doors, where there was a round table set for lunch for two,” Chrissy writes. They started with a spring-mix salad with apple, goat cheese, and pecans. (The greens had just been harvested the day before because that’s how Oprah lives.) That was followed by pesto pasta with truffle flakes. Oprah asked about This Is Us and shared stories about her own early days of success — the days when “she started to really earn money and people came out of the woodwork with hands out,” Chrissy recalls.

Eventually, talk turned to Chrissy’s relationship with her body.

“I am working through a lot,” I said. “There is so much of my lift that I just blocked out because it was too painful or too confusing. I realize now that it is all still there, still so close to the surface.” …
I started to get a little teary-eyed … A raspberry-and-rosewater sorbet was served, and I hoped it would serve as a distraction while I pulled myself together. But there was Oprah watching as I raised my eyes to the ceiling and waved at my face to stop Mascara Falls.

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