Best travel deals to shop in March, according to deals experts


Save on your next vacation — or snag a last minute deal — with these expert travel tips.

Anyone who says that nothing exciting happens in February or March has probably never scored a sweet off-season travel deal. As it turns out, those gloomy, stir-crazy months when you’re most in need of a holiday can be a great time to find deep discounts on flights and hotels. “Winter is low season for many destinations,” says Robert Reid, a Lonely Planet guidebook author and explorer for National Geographic. “You can find airfares and hotels dropping prices to encourage impulse buys.” If you’re looking to shake off those winter blues or planning your spring and summertime travel now, we consulted travel experts on some of the best deals right now, as well as general tips about planning — and paying for — your travels.

With coronavirus advisories flooding screens and TVs — and the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) releasing a useful guide to travel with specific regard to coronavirus — this year’s winter season could present added opportunities for sharp-eyed travelers to tap into savings, for better or worse. “So many people are canceling their trips, their hotels,” says John DiScala, founder of the travel site “[Vendors] are going to be hurting and will need to offer deals.”

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